21 Day Fix Days 1 to 4

***i wrote this Thursday and finally got it posted #lifewithkids

Wow I am 4 days in on following the 21 Day Fix and I am loving it! I am thankful I am doing the first round before going back to school, but I actually think it will be easier when I am not home all day. You may wonder why I would think that, but the reason is because I plan all of my meals and snacks. When I am home I decide to eat something else and then have to shuffle things around the rest of the day to make sure I am eating enough!

The key to being successful (in my opinion) is to meal prep. This is something I did all school year, I made salads in a jar on Sunday’s and that meant during the week I only needed to grab and go.


This was prep I did in January

On Sunday of this week I prepped chicken for salads, cut strawberries, cleaned grapes, cooked bacon and egg cups.  They have made my mornings, snacks and lunches much easier!


**Nerd Alert** I also sat down and created a spreadsheet that I can enter my meals into and the containers for each meal and have it calculate how many I have eaten and what I have left. It really helped me with planning and also when I shuffled things later in the week.

Overall I have loved the workouts, Monday was Total Body Cardio Fix and the muscle soreness set in that day! Granted I am just over 6 weeks post baby. It felt good to work my muscles.

Tuesday is Upper Fix, and boy did my shoulders need it! As a runner they are one of my weakest areas, and always have been.

Wednesday was leg day! I felt this one because I was STILL sore from Monday. I had the foresight to put on my compression socks for bed though and I woke up Thursday feeling much better.

IMG_3853Thursday brought my Pilates Fix, and man did my abs feel it! I just keep telling myself…..


Overall I am impressed with the amount of food I can eat and how easy things can be.


I forgot that this has .5 green too 🙂


1 red, 2 green, 1 orange


Quinoa and Black Bean salad from the New Fixate Cookbook 

2 yellow, 1 green, 1 red (We had grilled chicken too)

We actually made this with Brown Rice because Quinoa does not agree with my stomach.

I am loving all the food options, and recipes from the Fixate book! I am happy to keep at it and have noticed my sweet tooth has significantly decreased.

My pants are my motivation, I am only as strong as I think I am!

What is your motivation, your goal? Comment below and let me know!


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Mom to a beautiful little boy born February 2012 juggling running and working full time.

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