Best Body Bootcamp Round 5

As I mentioned yesterday I am going to bootcamp!

Best Body Online Personal Training
This past week I wrapped up week 1 of Best Body Bootcamp. Last Sunday I completed my fit test and wow it was more humbling then I thought it would be. I haven’t been very good about lifting lately, I may weigh what I did at my wedding but I have less muscle. My hope with BBB is to gain back the muscle and tighten back up. As part of the Fit Test I took my measurements and weight as well as pictures. Ed’s response to the pictures was that I look anorexic, however all I see is how disproportionate I am!



I will share measurement changes at the completion of the program.
Funny fact I measured my left and right thigh and the left is slightly bigger.
Monday: Workout A plus 20 minutes Cardio. I was up and working out by 5 in our home gym. I am lucky and we have a spin bike, Bowflex, Elliptical and Free Weights. It felt great although I kept it lighter with weights. I had planned on running but hate running our neighborhood in the morning.
Tuesday: I was up at 4:45 as usual but decided to wait until the evening to run. Technically I didn’t meet my goal of getting and working out before school, but I pushed through and tackled it after school. Once TJ was in bed I headed out for 3 miles through our neighborhood. I had some knee issues at first but nonetheless I finished in 32 minutes and pulled all negative splits.
Wednesday: Up and working out by 5. Workout B plus a little bit of elliptical time. Wednesday nights are my speed work nights, but thanks to crazy storms Jess and I had to cancel.
Thursday: Up and working out by 5. Since Fridays are my rest days I did Workout C followed by 20 minutes on the spin bike.
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: 10 miles with Jess and Kristin. My pace felt good I could actually have picked it up but I enjoy running with the girls.
I am looking forward to another week of Bootcamp this week and upping the weights. Goals for Week 2 include 1) Getting Up and Working Out and 2) Drink 70 oz of water a day.

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Mom to a beautiful little boy born February 2012 juggling running and working full time.

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