Ah Life

I always intend to blog a lot, and then I get busy, or tired, or forget. Since my last half I fell into studying for my K-6 Subject Area test. The Good News is that I passed!! Now I can work on the other 2 tests, but I have submitted my application for a temporary certificate, asked my Principals to let me teach 1st or 2nd grade and have started Pinning like crazy on Pinterest.

I enjoyed Spring Break by tackling yard work and spending time with my sweet baby boy. It was a chilly week so our plans of the Splash Pad and swimming were dashed. But we did finish weaning, dropped 2 sessions in less then a week. Yes I am in pain but he is going to sleep on his own like a champ. Comfort nursing was the name of the game!

It was back to school today and the start of Best Body Bootcamp!

I am so excited and plan to stick it out the entire 8 weeks this time. Last time I dropped out halfway through I sucked at managing breastfeeding/pumping, school, housework and marathon training. I did all of my pictures, measurements and fit test yesterday and realized WOW I am very disproportionate! I have some goals in mind but will (hopefully) post tomorrow my current measurements, pictures and goals for Week 1.

Oh yeah and I have half marathon #3 of the year on the 20th, the special medal for running the Lake Minneola Half and the Orange Blossom Half pulled me in. Plus it was only $45!


About meghanrambles

Mom to a beautiful little boy born February 2012 juggling running and working full time.

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