Disney Marathon Kids Races

On Saturday of Marathon weekend we entered TJ into the RunDisney kids races at Wide World of Sports. Originally I entered him thinking I have to go to the expo so why not. Of course we had to make a special 40 minute trip for it since I ended up at the expo on Friday. Due to his age he automatically was entered into the Diaper Dash. We arrived for the races and headed down to the track. It was a zoo and we had no idea where to go. Finally announcements were made and we found out the diaper dash was last. Poor TJ he did not want to sit still, he ran around, ate snacks and flirted with the ladies.Kristen, her dad and Kathy came down and hung out for a little bit but had to leave to find Kathy and Joe food since they had run the 1/2 that morning and the full the next day as part of the Goofy Challenge.






Eventually all the big kids were done (almost an hour) and we headed towards the finish line where Foam Mats were laid down. By this time TJ had been a walker for about a month so we thought he would do awesome. Thanks to the huge crowd of people he just stood amazed. The first heat happened and then we jumped in. It was disorganized and I doubt I would ever do the diaper dash again. There was no staff really directing and people were so crowded around the mats I couldn’t get in at first. I stood next to Mickey and when TJ finally realized who it was he just stared. For most of the dash Ed had to walk behind him and guide him. Was he supposed to, we don’t know there were no rules or instructions given.

In the end TJ got a medal, he got to see his buddy Mickey and we have a memory forever.










This was by far the most disorganized Disney race I have ever done but then again it was for babies!


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Mom to a beautiful little boy born February 2012 juggling running and working full time.

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