RunDisney Marathon Meetup

Thanks to Twitter I recently heard about the meetups that RunDisney hosts before races and how tight the field is to get in. Typically RunDisney posts a tweet that an announcement will be coming soon and then posts a blog post on the DisneyParks Blog with the details and you have to be one of the first X who have to email. As luck would have it I happened to be home on winter break the day they were scheduled to post and therefore stalking the Disney Parks blog began happening. After almost 2 hours of waiting Ed and I decided to head out for lunch. There hadn’t been a post yet and I was hungry. I loaded the site on my phone as soon as I got TJ strapped in the carseat and the post was up. The next thing I knew I shot off an email and then texted Kristen. We had been texting back and forth all morning regarding the meetup and hoping that we both could get in. Her computer froze so I sent her a screen shot of the email address and hoped she wasn’t too late. The post said they would email around 2pm EST if you were selected and I was nervous when 2pm came and went. Thank goodness for Twitter hashtags though because no one had heard anything. Finally my email arrived that I had been selected but I was beyond bummed when Kristen did not get one. I scheduled myself to take the day off explaining to my Principals that I was off to meet Olympians and of course Joey Fatone.

The day of the meetup my alarm went off at the usual time 4;15am. I pumped (joys of a breastfeeding, running mom), got dressed and then woke TJ up to eat. Then it was out the door and off to Hollywood Studios. My 40 minute drive down I-4 was uneventful and I when I arrived I met some other ladies in the lot who I walked into the park with. We checked in, got our shirts and checked our bags with the RunDisney staff. While we waited to start the run through Hollywood Studios we posed for pictures with Donald, Mickey and Goofy. I did feel a little awkward not knowing anyone but I quickly found some ladies to chat with who were in the same predicament as me. It seemed like most people knew others from previous meet ups or whatnot.




Finally at around 7 we began. After some introductions we split into 2 groups. The 9:30 minute runners and the 12 minute milers who would be doing the Galloway method with none other then Jeff Galloway himself. Now I will admit I run intervals but these intervals killed me. Run 30 seconds walk 15. I was not a fan of the stop and go.


We looped through Hollywood Studios and after about 2.3 miles finished at Lights, Camera, Action Stunt Show. RunDisney had setup water, coffee, juice and had a food truck with breakfast sandwiches.



After getting situated we began. The Director of RunDisney (how do I get that job seriously)  started things off. Did you know this is the first time women outnumbered men at the Walt Disney Marathon weekend!? How amazing is that! New Balance was next and talked about the new RunDisney shoes they designed and the crazy response they received. They made 1,000 pairs of shoes and on Thursday at 12pm they had sold out of what they had. All the shoes they left in LA for the upcoming Tinkerbell half were then overnighted.

They also had some of the New Balance crew talk about shoe selection and what is right for your foot.


Finally Joey Fatone showed up! Before any questions were thrown at him he told us No N’sync is not getting back together. He answered lots of questions and talked about how his training has been. He was getting ready to run both the half on Saturday and full on Sunday as part of the Goofy Challenge.



The event also included an amazing panel of runners Jeff Galloway (1972 Olympic Team), Dick Beardsley (Olympian), Joan Samuelson (1984 Olympic Gold Medalist-First Women’s Marathon), Bart Yasso and a few others. They spoke about running and answered questions. Joan Samuelson said something I could truly relate to though. Her running career was broken into 2 areas B.C. Before Children and A.D. After Diapers. Before children she scheduled life around running after children she scheduled runs around life.

Lastly we had a surprise visit from Drew Carey! He spoke about injuries, told us stories about the Price is Right and was overall his funny self.


When all the speakers were done and it was time for pictures I made a mad dash for Joey Fatone, the 12 year old geek inside me was such a dork. I asked him how Coolio beat him and we discussed how he was at the New Kids/Backstreet Concert in July and how I had hoped he would get on stage.






Drew Carey was so nice, we discussed how my cousins little boy Henry is obsessed with the Price is Right.


At the end we got a sweet bag of goodies from RunDisney too, although I was bummed I wouldn’t have a chance to use my ticket because it expired on Sunday, however the Ifitness belt was sweet since I was looking to buy one anyway!

I forgot to take a picture of my swag, thanks Runners Tales!

Thanks RunDisney for such a great morning!


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