WDW Marathon 2013 is soon!

I haven’t touched this blog in way too long, for awhile I was updating a family page but then life got in the way. With my first Marathon upon me this weekend I decided it was time to revive this sucker because it is going to be an amazing few days. But first we have to recap training!

This past summer I decided I needed a goal. After gaining 50 pounds when pregnant I started the summer at 20 pounds over where I comfortably wanted to be. I discovered a local group called Orlando Fit and decided this group would work best for me. We started in July and it was hot! I had to take TJ with me a few times and even though I had been running again for 3 months I was still struggling.


Yes bad photo I know!

I was nervous in the beginning because my group was small, but then I finally met this girl and she is a perfect training buddy.


Our training miles increased but all in all it wasn’t too bad thanks to our 5/1 intervals. We ran 2 races together, which deserve posts of their own and covered more miles then I can imagine since beginning in July.




I never took a photo of 21, but that was a difficult run! Miles 7-21 were done on my own, I kept telling myself if I can mentally do this then I can tackle my marathon.

TJ’s first race the Turkey Trot Downtown on Thanksgiving



Whoops this sounds like a creepy ode to her, but really I couldn’t have made it the last 6 months without her. I can’t wait to Run the marathon together Sunday, just look for us Incredibles! I can honestly say after 6 months of marathon training, I think I will be sticking with Half’s in the future. Post marathon next up is the Princess for me, a celebration of my 30th birthday!


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Mom to a beautiful little boy born February 2012 juggling running and working full time.

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