I (we) did it, I finished the Disney Princess Half!

I had a great birthday weekend, topped off by completing my first half in 2:25.07.

I won’t lie parts were tough, but in the end I was glad to have Alexis by my side, and so much entertainment throughout the course. I never had to pull out my ipod. Overall I can’t wait to run another, but next time I’ll stop for pictures along the course. I was too worried about a good time, then having fun, though I did have fun singing, dancing and running. We only ended up walking one hill, mile 11.75. And for about 15 seconds at the top of another hill so I could gel up. According to my Garmin we stopped for a total of 3 minutes, 1 min was porta potty, the rest was stretching. Splits were awesome and Ed said according to the text alerts I was getting progressively faster! I can’t wait til the next half. Unfortunately I battled some rough stomach issues the rest of the day, I made the mistake of drinking powerade as we went into the Magic Kingdom. Bad choice, but it held out for the rest of the race.

Thanks to a great cheering squad! My Mom (+ her “friend”) & Ed got up at the crack of dawn to come cheer and battle the crazy crowds. Sadly due to the crowds they missed us at the finish. But Ed and Matt (Alexis husband) saw us at the start, mile 4 and mile 8. It was great to know they were there cheering, because they really are our biggest fans.

I rocked my pink recovery socks last night, and slept in them and my legs felt great today. Hip flexors are sore, but I have been battling those and my it band this whole time. Today I went for a massage, and it felt good! Deep tissue sports, and she commented that my shoulders were tenser then my legs. And then I gave in and took a sick day.


Oh and I decided to postpone the tri this year, and focus on dropping 10 pounds and getting lean all over. I’ve really slacked on my lifting, and want to make it my goal so that I can be stronger the next race. Whats next, I have no idea,  but I do plan on running the Wine & Dine in Nov!


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Mom to a beautiful little boy born February 2012 juggling running and working full time.

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