First Run with the pups

Last night I took my first run with our pups. I was getting ready to head out after work, and as soon as I put on my spi belt they went crazy, I guess they thought I had a leash. I am not really sure why since my spibelt is pink. I managed to get Loky crated, but Odyn wanted nothing to do with his. Instead he jumped back and forth between me and the door. Whats a girl to do, take the fat boy on a run. Odyn and I managed 1.75 fast miles. He actually did a great job, but I could tell he was pooped at the end. We circled back to the house and I switched dogs. Loky and I headed out for 1.25. He is not as great a running partner. I fell over him once, and he kept trying to chase cats. The interesting thing is he is the one I have trouble walking and have started using a gentle leader on (I did not use it for our run). In all I was wiped, but followed up with yoga to work on my tight hips.


As for the pups, they were wiped and slept the rest of the night. Don’t get me started on this bad habit that I created. Ed could kill me, I’m such a sucker for those pups.





And yes they still have their Christmas collars on. Most likely they will until it is time for St. Patrick’s day, we don’t have Valentines day collars.


About meghanrambles

Mom to a beautiful little boy born February 2012 juggling running and working full time.

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