Work fail

Today was a work fail.

This month has been a work fail.

The 2nd Friday of the month is supposed to be family movie night, outside. The 3rd Friday is supposed to be date night movie, outside. This month the 2nd Tueday the temperature started in the 40’s. I cancelled due to the cold. The 3rd Friday it was raining, I cancelled. So tonight I rescheduled the family movie. I head over, start setting up the movie screen and before I can stand it up it suddenly deflates. I try 3 different outlets, call our maitenance guy, and then realize maybe I blew the fuse in the plug. I try changing it. Finally I call my boss at 6 for help. The movie was supposed to start at 6:30.

After he trys to save the day by going to Radio Shack I cancelled the movie. I am fortunate the families who showed are all families I know well. But still a big work fail for the month of January. I think a short happened and fried the blowers in our BRAND NEW ONLY USED ONCE screen. Thank god it wasn’t the $1,000 sound system.

On the bright side I got to go to the Church shrimp dinner late. There I got to spend time with the inlaws and nieces and nephews. They make my day better. Until I got my niece in trouble, but that’s not my fault, her mom heard me telling Paw Paw what she was doing. I try to protect her too much, shes just like I was. A little s**t.Shes not looking in this picture, that one is my shadow. I ❤ her shes an old soul.




About meghanrambles

Mom to a beautiful little boy born February 2012 juggling running and working full time.

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