Eggs & 1-2 months to go

I haven’t eaten eggs in over a month. Sadly yes I miss eggs, I crave them. At the holidays I was having horrible stomach aches. Was it the massive amounts of cookies I was consuming, or the eggs I was eating, or both? I ended up not going to a allergist, and instead have been avoiding them. After the half and the wedding I plan to reintroduce them and see if it helps my stomach.


In other news, tminus 1 month to the Princess! I am so excited and ready. My long runs have been slow, but I have run 10 miles not once but twice, and plan for it this Sunday again. Saturday I am doing a swim clinic, because despite being a lifeguard I can’t swim long enough to complete a tri. But I think my runs have been slow, because my training partner is slower. This weekend I look forward to doing it on my time, my pace.

2 months to wedding day, so much to do….


About meghanrambles

Mom to a beautiful little boy born February 2012 juggling running and working full time.

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  1. Is it the whites or yolks that cause it? Maybe the egg substitutes will work? Orr, a tofu scramble might hit the spot. I make those whenever I want a non-egg-eggy meal.

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