21 Day Fix Days 1 to 4

***i wrote this Thursday and finally got it posted #lifewithkids

Wow I am 4 days in on following the 21 Day Fix and I am loving it! I am thankful I am doing the first round before going back to school, but I actually think it will be easier when I am not home all day. You may wonder why I would think that, but the reason is because I plan all of my meals and snacks. When I am home I decide to eat something else and then have to shuffle things around the rest of the day to make sure I am eating enough!

The key to being successful (in my opinion) is to meal prep. This is something I did all school year, I made salads in a jar on Sunday’s and that meant during the week I only needed to grab and go.


This was prep I did in January

On Sunday of this week I prepped chicken for salads, cut strawberries, cleaned grapes, cooked bacon and egg cups.  They have made my mornings, snacks and lunches much easier!


**Nerd Alert** I also sat down and created a spreadsheet that I can enter my meals into and the containers for each meal and have it calculate how many I have eaten and what I have left. It really helped me with planning and also when I shuffled things later in the week.

Overall I have loved the workouts, Monday was Total Body Cardio Fix and the muscle soreness set in that day! Granted I am just over 6 weeks post baby. It felt good to work my muscles.

Tuesday is Upper Fix, and boy did my shoulders need it! As a runner they are one of my weakest areas, and always have been.

Wednesday was leg day! I felt this one because I was STILL sore from Monday. I had the foresight to put on my compression socks for bed though and I woke up Thursday feeling much better.

IMG_3853Thursday brought my Pilates Fix, and man did my abs feel it! I just keep telling myself…..


Overall I am impressed with the amount of food I can eat and how easy things can be.


I forgot that this has .5 green too 🙂


1 red, 2 green, 1 orange


Quinoa and Black Bean salad from the New Fixate Cookbook 

2 yellow, 1 green, 1 red (We had grilled chicken too)

We actually made this with Brown Rice because Quinoa does not agree with my stomach.

I am loving all the food options, and recipes from the Fixate book! I am happy to keep at it and have noticed my sweet tooth has significantly decreased.

My pants are my motivation, I am only as strong as I think I am!

What is your motivation, your goal? Comment below and let me know!


Time to revive!

Well I have decided it is time to revive my old site as I go through my post baby #2 weightloss! I am now just over 5 weeks post baby and weighing 20 pounds heavier than when I got pregnant (and I started 5 pounds heavier than I wanted to be). I have goals on the horizon, first up 21 day fix starting next week than back to running! I have a half in November, one I have run the last 2 years that I love! Space Coast Half Marathon is a flat course that runs along the Intercoastal, I am on year 3 of the 5 year challenge!


Year 1 and a PR of 2:20!


Year 2 11 weeks pregnant!

I doubt there will be a PR at Space Coast but I have another half scheduled for the end of January that I hope will net a PR.

I hope to make this a space where I can share how I juggle working full time teaching a new grade (1st), with a 3 1/2 year old, an infant and getting back in shape! Thank god for Beachbody (my coaches site) because T25 got me in shape the first time, and once I finish a few rounds of the 21 day fix I will be doing a Piyo and T25 hybrid with Running 3 days a week.

I have to finish off with these sweet faces, T is 3 1/2 and E is (now) 5 weeks!



Quinoa is a great source of protein and has alway been a staple in our diet when doing Meatless Monday. We tend to order it from nuts.com when we order coffee. On Sunday as we did our weekly meal planning I suggested we use some of the quinoa we have in the pantry since we haven’t had it in awhile. E made a fantastic stir fry with veggies and the quinoa. About an hour and a half later m stomach started to hurt and I spent the night doubled over in pain. Thanks to Dr Google I discovered some people have a sensitivity to quinoa. I flashed back to why I hadn’t wanted it for awhile and realized a trend it make my stomach hurt, but not just any hurt it was spasming and nothing gave it relief.

I guess I won’t be eating quinoa again anytime soon, and the tummy leftovers all E’s.

Lake Minneola Half Marathon

Lake Minnelola Half Marathon aka worst organized race I have ever seen was a very interesting race. As a former event planner I have a hard time not finding the flaws and missing items at events. But yesterday’s race made them quite apparent.

I picked Jess up at 5:30 to make the 45 minute drive to Clermont. We arrived and had to park in a dirt lot. No biggie but no signs directing anything, luckily we just followed the hoards of people. Packet pick up was easy but I was surprised they didn’t have it organized with signs. Apparently I like signs. We got our packets and waited to meet a few friends to do some swapping. We then discovered we had no pins. Luckily we were right by the registration and jetted in. We hit the porta  potty (which there were plenty of) and jetted back to the car to finish getting ready. At 6:56 we left the port a potties for a second time to make the start line which was approximately 1/4 away. We were running for it only to discover we were headed straight for the front of the line. We hopped in the back and expected to start soon, but instead we waited, and waited. Luckily it gave us time to find our other friends and take some photos.

Then we realized time ticked by before finally some guy on a bullhorn told us he couldn’t bring the PA out because of the drizzle. After a moment of silence and a half pledge towards a far off flag we were finally off. I took off strong and fast but no matter what I could slow down. For 5 miles I told myself to slow down and was going an average of 10:45min mile. I finally slowed down at mile 6 to a 11:10average. Yesterday I skipped my intervals and walked the water stations. At mile 11 I started faltering. Running around the lake for almost 7 miles and being able to see the finish and not feel you are getting any closer is difficult. I wish I had taken a picture of the lake and the size. I started walking a hill, I was hot, tired and knew I would be off a PR by a little. The wind off the lake was a blessing and a curse. It cooled me down but made it harder to run. An older gentlemen came up next to me and told me it was the last hill and started talking to me. God bless that man! I gunned it the last mile at 10:07 and crossed the line according to my garmin in 2:20. A 2 Minute PR!! BUT there was no finish clock and my garmin read 12.8 miles. Does it still count as a PR?

I received my medal and hopped in the line to pickup my medal for being a dual Finisher. I grabbed some cookies and fruit and waited with Nicole and Kristen for the other girls.

I am so proud of Jess for finishing her first half marathon despite a knee injury.

Moms Run This Town Central Florida Chapter

Now the race may sound like everything was fine but here is the reality. It was a poorly organized and unsafe course.

Confused, yeah I was too! When I headed out at the lake split the front runner was coming down the trail screaming for someone to tell him where to go. There was no Race Staff there, only a police officer directing traffic. Lucky for him a bystander knew where to send him. At the H2O station on the trail there was not one volunteer. There was a police officer blocking traffic for the road though. Once I hit the road around the lake I noticed that although the police stopped people from driving in the lane we were running in there was traffic on the other side of the road.

When Jess finished just under 3 hours they had run out of medals. They say they are going to mail it to her. I felt awful for her since it was her first race and though not as fast as some she still wasn’t the last across the line. They were short at least 40 medals if you ask me. Then we noticed all the food was gone and/or packed up already.

Oh and as I said the course measured short. Not just on my garmin everyone has said the same thing. The Orange Blossom Half measured long, seriously Sommer Sports!!

The shirts, they claim to be Tech Tshirts but since when is a Tech Tshirt 70% cotton? Although I hate paying more for races I guess I will have to suck it up and start shelling out more money. After 2 races put on by Sommer Sports I am not impressed and don’t plan to run another anytime soon. The worst is that when people complained on Facebook the company did not apologize for running out of medals but instead gave an excuse regarding how they take 6 weeks and they had ordered 800. I guess I should add there was no way to distinguish 5k, 12k and Half participants and all of us received the same medal.

Half Marathon #4

Half Marathon #4

Half Marathon #4 (#3 for 2013) Done! Back with a full and important recap tomorrow!

Best Body Bootcamp Round 5

As I mentioned yesterday I am going to bootcamp!

Best Body Online Personal Training
This past week I wrapped up week 1 of Best Body Bootcamp. Last Sunday I completed my fit test and wow it was more humbling then I thought it would be. I haven’t been very good about lifting lately, I may weigh what I did at my wedding but I have less muscle. My hope with BBB is to gain back the muscle and tighten back up. As part of the Fit Test I took my measurements and weight as well as pictures. Ed’s response to the pictures was that I look anorexic, however all I see is how disproportionate I am!



I will share measurement changes at the completion of the program.
Funny fact I measured my left and right thigh and the left is slightly bigger.
Monday: Workout A plus 20 minutes Cardio. I was up and working out by 5 in our home gym. I am lucky and we have a spin bike, Bowflex, Elliptical and Free Weights. It felt great although I kept it lighter with weights. I had planned on running but hate running our neighborhood in the morning.
Tuesday: I was up at 4:45 as usual but decided to wait until the evening to run. Technically I didn’t meet my goal of getting and working out before school, but I pushed through and tackled it after school. Once TJ was in bed I headed out for 3 miles through our neighborhood. I had some knee issues at first but nonetheless I finished in 32 minutes and pulled all negative splits.
Wednesday: Up and working out by 5. Workout B plus a little bit of elliptical time. Wednesday nights are my speed work nights, but thanks to crazy storms Jess and I had to cancel.
Thursday: Up and working out by 5. Since Fridays are my rest days I did Workout C followed by 20 minutes on the spin bike.
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: 10 miles with Jess and Kristin. My pace felt good I could actually have picked it up but I enjoy running with the girls.
I am looking forward to another week of Bootcamp this week and upping the weights. Goals for Week 2 include 1) Getting Up and Working Out and 2) Drink 70 oz of water a day.

Ah Life

I always intend to blog a lot, and then I get busy, or tired, or forget. Since my last half I fell into studying for my K-6 Subject Area test. The Good News is that I passed!! Now I can work on the other 2 tests, but I have submitted my application for a temporary certificate, asked my Principals to let me teach 1st or 2nd grade and have started Pinning like crazy on Pinterest.

I enjoyed Spring Break by tackling yard work and spending time with my sweet baby boy. It was a chilly week so our plans of the Splash Pad and swimming were dashed. But we did finish weaning, dropped 2 sessions in less then a week. Yes I am in pain but he is going to sleep on his own like a champ. Comfort nursing was the name of the game!

It was back to school today and the start of Best Body Bootcamp!

I am so excited and plan to stick it out the entire 8 weeks this time. Last time I dropped out halfway through I sucked at managing breastfeeding/pumping, school, housework and marathon training. I did all of my pictures, measurements and fit test yesterday and realized WOW I am very disproportionate! I have some goals in mind but will (hopefully) post tomorrow my current measurements, pictures and goals for Week 1.

Oh yeah and I have half marathon #3 of the year on the 20th, the special medal for running the Lake Minneola Half and the Orange Blossom Half pulled me in. Plus it was only $45!

Orange Blossom Half Marathon 2013

Sunday morning my alarm went off bright and early at 4:30 am but thanks to the snooze button I got out of bed about 4:45. I drank my coffee and took care of my mom duties before TJ decided 5:15 was a good time to get up. I luckily still had time so I took care of him, handed him off to my dear husband and headed out to Tavares. The park was easy to find and I parked along the street and headed off in search of a bathroom. I met up with my alter ego for the day and we chatted and exchanged the bib. Although I would have loved to talk to her more I was cold and headed back to my car. Sitting into the warmth of my car I started getting dressed and then saw Lizbeth, Kristen and Rossana walking by. Perfect timing, I was able to flag them down and they told me they would be back. After a bit they came back and we posed for a few pictures.

(My cousins daughter sent me her Flat Stanley so he had to run too)

We headed to the start line and huddled for warmth. Before we knew it it was time to start. Both the 5k and half marathon were starting at the same time. This was not a fancy race and we only knew we were off because the 200 people started moving. The course almost immediately split the 5k and half marathoners, a nice volunteer stood holding a sign directing us. I decided to skip my intervals and realized I was going out strong and fast a 10:30 pace for me. I tried to slow down but I couldn’t. At one point I looked down and cursed realizing I had only gone a 1/2 mile. The course joined up with the 5k and we headed out along the lake for about 1.5 miles, turned around and headed back. We looped past the finish and the porta potties (I should have stopped) and headed back out the same way we had just come from. The turn around was gone and we kept going straight out along the lake. I loved the one group of spectators sitting outside drinking and cheering, they really cheered me up. By this point I was holding a 10:40 pace and feeling pretty good. I fueled at 4.75 with a Cappuccino GU I saved from the Disney Marathon. For some reason I thought the turn around would be at mile 8 but it finally popped up around 9.

I swung through the turn, took a Apple/Cinnamon Hammer Gel and plugged along on my merry way. By this time my right hip was screaming, I had some spasms and thought I was going to have to walk. I had only been walking a short time during every other water stops and kept telling myself if you can run Disney you can do this. I have never been so thankful for my Yurbuds and playlist. The last 2 miles were tough, the winds from the lake picked up and I was wiped. Holding a 10:50 average pace for 11 miles had taken its toll on me considering training I had been holding a 11/11:30 with intervals. I hit the 12 mile sign and was hoping their sign was a little off since my garmin had beeped about .2 before. From mile 12 I tried to keep my pace up without killing myself. I swang past my favorite cheering section (Ok the only cheering section) and headed for the finish. I happened to look down at my Garmin at 13.18 and noticed my time was 2:22 a PR for me. I turned the corner and booked it to the finish. My official time was 2:24:48 a 1 minute official PR from Princess 2011.

There was a nice spread of food including bananas, grapes, donut holes, cookies and hot dogs. It was so cold and the wind was coming off the lake and I really wanted a hot coffee. I found Kristen and we hung out by the finish waiting on the other girls. And then we waited, and waited and waited for awards since 2 of the girls had placed. I gave in and went to the car to grab my jacket.

When I left I was freezing, so of course a pit stop at Wawa (Side note I am beyond excited for Wawa in Florida) for lunch and hot coffee.

Overall the race was pretty good, but there were some major issues. The course did not stay completely closed and cars were driving between runners and behind them. Some were being cautious others were not. Also there were no porta potties besides at the beginning of the course. I was tempted to stop and ask someone to use their bathroom, which apparently another runner did. My Garmin told me I ran 13.43 which is common after Disney race because I weave a lot, but I ran pretty straight at this race. I found out later they mismarked one of the turn arounds. Lastly, the medals were a disappointment. Lizbeth posted a picture of last years compared to this years and wow this years looked like it came from the Dollar Store. I am glad I only paid $35 to run.

I signed up for Sommer Sports next half on April 20 at Lake Minneola, I am hoping it goes a little more smoothly. But for $50 I can’t complain too much.

Princess Half Marathon 2013

Happy Belated Birthday to me! What better way to celebrate my 30th birthday then to run 13.1 miles.

For once I did not go to a race expo, with the Princess race the expo was open on Friday and Saturday but I foolishly decided it was a good idea to schedule TJ’s first birthday party on Saturday from 12-2. Luckily I was running the Half with Kristen so she graciously picked up my packet for me on Friday. She also brought me home a surprise a RunDisney backpack that she was given when she signed us up for Wine and Dine!

Race morning my alarm went off at 2am playing “I Wonder” from Sleeping Beauty. I drank my coffee, pumped and got partially dressed. I planned to add my shirt and tutu when I got to Disney. I loaded up the car and got a good laugh when I realized my neighbor was coming home and I was leaving.About 5 minutes from my house I had to U-turn and run back because I had forgotten my wallet. After running in and grabbing it I was on my way to Kristen’s house. We piled in the car and her awesome Mom drove us to Disney. Without too much trouble we parked, finished getting dressed and headed towards the crowds. And then I heard someone yell my name from behind, one of the teachers I work with who was running her first half! I guess wearing something distinguishable is a good idea.


A quick pit stop at the porta potties and we joined the crowd and headed to our Corral. Quick tip Kristen taught me, always go to the corners for a porta potty, there is one line and more toilets. We joined Corral B (women only) and waited. Finally it was time for the send-offs, with our blessing from the Fairy Godmother we were off!



It was crowded as all Disney races are, but we discovered the Princesses around us were not the most cordial. There was very little excuse me and more pushing then I would have cared for. We skipped our first interval and fell into a groove after. Well until I saw the Princes and made Kristen wait in a 10 minute line. We caught a picture with Captain Li Shang while we waited in line.


It was funny because most girls were standing between Aladdin and Eric but I wanted to go between Flynn and John Smith and I had to practically push because John Smith wasn’t paying attention.


We hit the road again and for some reason that break made it harder to start back. Our intervals were actually all over the place thanks to stopping or walking the monster hill. We hit the Magic Kingdom and the energy around us was awesome. We paused at Cinderella’s Castle to snap a picture of Princess Minnie and Prince Mickey since the line was at least 15 minutes long.

DSC00537 DSC00542 DSC00547 I turned only to discover Shadow standing behind me! Shadow and I know each other from our days at Camp Hidden Falls. I failed to take a picture with her but then discovered Marathonfoto caught this gem she is behind us in the black and pink.

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 7.04.47 PM

We ran through the castle and stopped for our photo only to be yelled at for stopping. After not getting a picture coming out of the castle at the marathon I wasn’t missing it again.

Our journey took us next to Tiana and Naveen where the line for pictures was short.


Then Kristen realized Dennis from RunDisney TV was across from us. We ran over to say Hi and for this to happen.


Kristen was RunDisney TV’s 1000th Twitter follower so Dennis had planned to interview her. While she interviewed I went to the stocks.


I hate the stretch when we leave Magic Kingdom it is so narrow and crowded, once again I ended up in the grass. Mile 6.5 was the halfway point and the song “This Girl is on Fire” was playing on repeat. I would have hated to be a volunteer near there.


We saw Kristen’s mom again at mile 7 and split right after this picture.


I was feeling good and Kristen was struggling with the heat. Once we split I decided to skip my intervals and walk the water stops. My plan was great, I never hit the wall and I was averaging a 10:30 pace. I walked the water stops, made sure to eat and stopped for pictures. My 15k split time was roughly 2:19 I finished in 3:07, so I did 4 miles in 48 minutes with a few more photo stops.



DSC00562 DSC00563 DSC00564I was feeling great my only obstacle once again was all the people walking. I love running a race I have run before, because I got to the bridge just before mile 12 and knew that when I reached the top I would see that mile 12 sign. As people around me slowed I made sure to tell them #12 was over the hill.

DSC00565 DSC00566

I finished in 3:07 and I was disappointed to say the least, but I can’t run Disney for time. I grabbed some ice for my knee, headed out of the finish area and waited for my text alert that Kristen had finished.

DSC00567 DSC00570 DSC00571

Once again her Mom rocks she brought us Chocolate milk and drove us home where I was happy to see my boys!


A few things I would have loved to see differently. With 26,000 runners I know it is hard to make it so it is not crowded but Disney needs to find some wider roads or help keep the walkers to the side. Also leaving the Reunion area was a nightmare. People were waiting on the other side of the red carpet right as the runners exited making it so we couldn’t get out. That combined with the people entering made it so it took us at least 10 minutes.

Overall I love running the Princess Half but may take a break from it next year and try something different.


Disney Marathon Kids Races

On Saturday of Marathon weekend we entered TJ into the RunDisney kids races at Wide World of Sports. Originally I entered him thinking I have to go to the expo so why not. Of course we had to make a special 40 minute trip for it since I ended up at the expo on Friday. Due to his age he automatically was entered into the Diaper Dash. We arrived for the races and headed down to the track. It was a zoo and we had no idea where to go. Finally announcements were made and we found out the diaper dash was last. Poor TJ he did not want to sit still, he ran around, ate snacks and flirted with the ladies.Kristen, her dad and Kathy came down and hung out for a little bit but had to leave to find Kathy and Joe food since they had run the 1/2 that morning and the full the next day as part of the Goofy Challenge.






Eventually all the big kids were done (almost an hour) and we headed towards the finish line where Foam Mats were laid down. By this time TJ had been a walker for about a month so we thought he would do awesome. Thanks to the huge crowd of people he just stood amazed. The first heat happened and then we jumped in. It was disorganized and I doubt I would ever do the diaper dash again. There was no staff really directing and people were so crowded around the mats I couldn’t get in at first. I stood next to Mickey and when TJ finally realized who it was he just stared. For most of the dash Ed had to walk behind him and guide him. Was he supposed to, we don’t know there were no rules or instructions given.

In the end TJ got a medal, he got to see his buddy Mickey and we have a memory forever.










This was by far the most disorganized Disney race I have ever done but then again it was for babies!